Shree Momai casting is the small partnership firm Shree Momai Casting loacted in Jamnagar (Gujarat - India).This firm is specialized in all types of C.I. Casting, Graded Casting, Gunmetal Casting, Aluminium Casting, V-Belt Pully & C.I. Pipe Fittings etc.

The pattern which are made is according to the customers requirement's drawing of shape. The moulding is either done manually of by green sand

Heat Treatement or melting of the material is done by Cupola(coke fired) No. 2 which is of 27" Diameter and 21" Diameter.

We are specialist in the following work:

  • All Types of C.I. Casting
  • Graded Casting
  • Gunmetal Casting
  • Aluminium Casting
  • V-Belt Pully
  • Special Pipe Fittings
  • Double Flange Pipes

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