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Welcome to SMC Machine Tools

SMC Machine Tools is one of the leading manufacturing industry in Jamnagar(Gujarat). Since 1976 we are manufacturing various items of machine tools. Our industries manufacture products from Machine Tools, Stationary Machinary and Marine Machinery and Parts.

Our products include different categories like paper pins and paper clips are manufactured from Stationary Machinary. Also all the marine categories like Steering Wheel, Anchor, Capston, Propeller and Loading,Fishing Boat Winch, etc. are manufactured from Marine Parts. Shapping machine is the Machine Tool which gives horizontal, vertical and inclined surface to the products.

The products manufactured are exported at various cities in India as well as abroad. Best Quality is our priority as per customer's requirement products manufacturing is done.

We also work for casting of products which is done by other industry named Shree Momai Casting. In casting different kinds of categories are available like C.I. Casting, Bronze Casting, Aluminium Casting, etc.

Customer Satisfaction

SMC Machine Tools, the very trusted name for quality products meet or surpass customer expectation.

Quality Products

Our first responsibility is to our customers, Who belive strongly in our products & quality.

In Time Dispatch

Our continous observation of our customer's demand and supply gap enable us to offer products at right time.

Our Products

  • Machine Tools

    Horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces of machining by machine tools.

  • Stationary Machinary

    Paper pins, Paper clips are manufactured using stationary machineries.

  • Marine Tools

    Different Marine Machine and parts manufactured from graded casting & standard steel material.

  • Shree Momai Casting

    Heat Treatment or melting of the material is done by Cupola(coke fired) No. 2 which is of 27" Diameter and 21" Diameter.